All aboard for BUS NSW!

It really was ‘all aboard’ and a busy night for SMA as not one, but four of our world class shows, came together to create magic for the 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner of BUS NSW.

Guests entered to the spectacular ‘Miss Bird Sings’ suspended high in the air singing on her custom perch, she then made a dramatic descent to Kylie Minogue’s ‘On A Night Like This’ and was accompanied by glamorous showgirls to open the night with the ultimate wow factor.

‘Opera by Disguise’ were the hit of the evening cleverly mingling undetected with guests posing as guest speaker ‘Marco’, his lovely wife ‘Maria’ and an industry journalist. Guests were in awe as the show unfolded resulting in the ultimate surprise and a stunning performance.

‘Rat Pack Reloaded’ hit the stage as the main act of the evening and did not disappoint! Accompanied by four glamorous showgirls from Popset Entertainment guests were up and out of their seats in no time dancing to the much loved tunes and joining in the kick line during the show’s finale.

‘The Players’ took the party and the evening across the finish line performing dance floor hits and classic anthems to make sure everyone got their boogie on til the very last minute of the night!

Photo credit : Ryan Osland