String Diva and Voice ‘Bollywood’ hits the Sydney Westfield Tower

6th March MCVB Jess Kat and Nan

String Diva and Voice were a big hit for the tourism and travel industry performing at an intimate dinner of just sixty VIP’s at brand new venue The Studio at Sydney Westfield Tower.
Featuring star vocalist Jessica Lingotti and our stunning violinists the audience were held captivated from start to finish with a fully choreographed twenty minute show.
Dressed in dazzling couture gowns the girls expertly weaved their way through mega hits such as Edge of Glory, Single Ladies, Vivaldi’s Summer and Jai Ho which was performed especially for the VIP’s who had travelled from India. String Diva so enthralled and captivated the crowd that they couldn’t stay in their seats creating an impromptu dance floor as they busted out their own Bollywood moves!