String Diva get swish at the Shangri-La

Nan Kat & Rosy 2013

Following last year’s high profile performance for the Australian and Indian Prime Ministers, String Diva have been in high demand redefining entertainment within the events industry and delivering unique, unforgettable and classy performances all over the world.

The girls kicked off 2015 with a classy and intimate performance at the Shangri-La in Sydney, for a group of 40 international high profile delegates from India on behalf of Safir Tours. Performing both classical and contemporary pieces, including popular Bollywood tune Jai Ho, and dressed in stunning gowns the girls wowed the intimate crowd with their fully choreographed show, and have now been invited to perform in Bombay India.

We look forward to 2015 being a huge year for String Diva with many exciting things to come!