Opera by Disguise stitch a masterpiece in Cairns

21st August, 2014

Opera by Disguise hit Cairns to perform at the Pullman Reef Casino for the EME Embroidery Convention. An intimate dinner of 150 guests made the disguise of our cast all the more challenging but it was pulled off with ease by our talented actors who were posing as the wine sponsor of the evening, his lovely wife, and the event photographer.

Once dinner was underway our cast member and hoax wine sponsor was invited to make the official toast for the evening and of course couldn’t help but do a song before inviting his wife to join him. With an unsuspecting audience the show was in full swing before they knew it and they were then treated to stunning renditions of classical numbers such as ‘The Prayer’, ‘Nessun Dorma’ and ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ performed by  our three very talented performers.