SMA band ‘The Players’ labelled MAGIC by Kerri-Anne

Toni Bird with KerriAnne

3rd August, 2013

Our very own SMA band ‘The Players’ were a huge hit on Saturday night taking the stage for the Avon 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Sydney Town Hall.

As the doors were opened, the band performed a sultry jazz set featuring our captivating female chanteuse Toni Bird, who then went on to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with Kerri-Anne Kennerley as she made a surprise appearance on stage by popping out of a huge cake.

The band did a fabulous job backing our feature act ‘Boys In The Band’ before seamlessly segueing into a high energy dance set with Toni Bird and Simon Brooke-McLachlan absolutely rocking the house until the very last encore. MC and television legend Kerri-Anne Kennerley personally found the band backstage to give them a rave review, along with a very happy client and Avon guests singing their praises all over social media!

“You guys were magic, just magic!” – Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Event MC and TV Personality