Double Trouble in Alice Springs

BITB and Diamonds at Media wall

12th July, 2013

When Mortgage Choice wanted something spectacular for their conference Gala Dinner in Alice Springs, we offered up not one, but two of our most popular shows in a combined entertainement extravaganza to rival even the glitziest of affairs.

Enter The Diamonds, our brand new and mega hit show, and Boys in the Band, international corporate and concert sensations. Our boys kicked the night off with an opener of ‘Oh What A Night’ before returning later in the night to perform their feature set back to back with our sparkling new show The Diamonds, who finished on a mega mix of female pop anthems.

After non-stop applause, the two shows returned to stage to perform together a touching encore of John Lennon’s Imagine, and the Beatles hit Let It Be. With the audience singing along and waving their arms in the air it was the perfect finish to a hugely successful evening for Mortgage Choice and our talented entertainers.