‘Pure Imagination’ 2012 RMHC Inaugural Canberra Ball

The Rat Pack's Back
Client testimonial

Feedback from the RMHC Audi Centre Canberra Gala Ball on Saturday night has been nothing short of amazing. The RMHC committee has been simply inundated with calls and emails of congratulations. Many guests have hailed the event as the best charity ball they have ever attended and over $275,000 was raised on the night, greatly surpassing our expectations.

The opening performance of ‘Pure Imagination’ put a tingle down my spine and surpassed even my wildest expectations.

When SMA promote ‘Entertainment by Design’ what they deliver is ‘Amazement and Delight’.

Your job as Emcee was simply superb – not only did you have and kept the guests’ complete attention all night, your ability to be flexible with the many changes we made on the fly made my job as Executive Producer that much easier.

And to those ‘Boys in the Band’ you should feel very proud. They had the hardest slot on the night and simply stole the show!

It’s no accident that in my 25 year professional career as an Event Producer two of my biggest highlights have come from working with David Malek and Dale Burridge and the SMA cast – I wish we could work together on every event I conceive and produce.

Jon Smith | Regional Director – Executive Producer | DG global