The show must go on!

The showmust go on!
The showmust go on!

The HOWfactor, theWOWfactor and the NOWfactor – Dale Burridge and DavidMalek explain SMA Entertainment’s philosophy, commitment and competitive edge.

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The HOWfactor
We create specific entertainment concepts that fit a wide
range of events, audience demographics, budgets and
themes. Using only the best talent pool of singers, musicians
and dancers we spend thousands of dollars, countless
hours and attention to detail, to ensure that we continue
to develop feature entertainment concepts that are
specifically designed for corporate audiences.
With our vast experience in nearly all areas of performance
and having both trodden the boards of theatres
worldwide as leading men in countless shows and concerts,
we combine our knowledge base and skills with
those of our talented SMA stable of artists to create our
world renowned shows with a proven track record. All of
this is done in conjunction with a tightly run SMA ship
manned by a small but extremely efficient crew that all
work together to ensure all areas of our company are
buoyant and sustained by strong cash flow.
Our client relationships are the backbone of our business,
and we continue to develop these relationships as
clients return to SMA time and time again. It is also our
dedication, attention to detail, creative thinking, and
delivering within our clients’ budgets that keeps us on
top through the financial downturn and beyond, whilst
many of our competitors have floundered.

Entertainment is a key factor to the success of any given
event. We know that a great feature performance can
encourage an audience to interact with each other, break
the ice and relax them thus creating a much better environment
for themto network, feel comfortable and special.
Nomatterwhat the size of your event or budgetwe are
always up for the challenge to deliver on world class, high
impact feature entertainment that is specifically tailored
and created for the corporate arena. The quality of our talented
artists, their skill base combined with our carefully
crafted, choreographed and scripted shows ensure thatwe
deliver on theWOWfactor 100 per cent of the time.
We’re always thinking about the next creative idea,
what our clients want and how we can adapt those ideas
to a corporate environment. We keep a close eye on the
pulse of what’s happening in the public entertainment
arenas and reflect those trends in shows that we have
developed and that are currently in the embryonic
stages.We are constantly in a state of growth and evolution
even with our existing product. Our next new show
is being launched early in 2011!

The NOWfactor
It’s crucial for us to seewhat is happening nowin the event
industry, howit’s changing, growing and inwhat direction.
We have also had to consider how the GFC has affected
clients’ confidence levels and everyone’s bottom line. Now
more than everwe adapt our product, budgets and ideas to
accommodate our clients’ vision to deliver on theHowand
Wow so if you want some great entertainment provided by
people that really do care contact us now.